safeandsoundplaygrounds-bottom-bar-logo-hdAll children love playgrounds. They get to run, stretch their legs, and feel their hair fly back in the breeze as they glide down slides. Racing through tunnels and climbing like monkeys, their imaginations are sparked and their little legs will be tired out when the fun is over. While the top priority for children is having fun, the top priority for their parents is safety. As a business, community or government agency having a playground installed, you have a responsibility to ensure that the equipment is completely safe. The first step in this is choosing quality equipment. The second step is choosing an installation company that will do the job right.

Safe and Sound Playgrounds has been installing playgrounds for many years. Our team is trained and experienced in safely installing playground equipment. Safe and proper installation of playground is an essential part of how safe the finished product will be. Every piece must be accurately installed according to exact measurements to prevent bars and climbing panels from falling out of place.

Safe and Sound Playground builds, cleans and inspects indoor and outdoor play structures and cleans and sanitizes playground sand. When our crew goes to a playground, they pressure-wash and sanitize the structure, remove graffiti and debris and look at the integrity of the structure to make sure there are no hazards from gaps, loose hardware, missing pieces or worn components. There are standards for playgrounds relating to how easily a child might slip through a space or what height a child might jump from and onto what surface they may land. To Safe and Sound Playgrounds, the integrity of the structure is just as important as its cleanliness.

Our Mission

Safe and Sound Playgrounds was founded in 2005 by concerned parents who wanted safer and cleaner places for their children to play. Through superior cleaning services and detailed safety inspections, we strive to eliminate the hazards with playground and play structures.


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