Have a playground? Get Safe & Sound!

Schools, HOA’s, Daycare & Preschool Facilities, Church, Restaurants, Family Fun Centers

  • Playground audits and inspections

  • Monthly and Quarterly Inspections

  • Supply and install replacement parts and components

  • Sand Cleaning

  • Sanitize and graffiti removal

  • Safety surface top off: wood fiber, rubber chips, sand

  • Rubberized safety surface repairs and restoration

  • Shade Structure and fabric replacement

  • Site work including grading, irrigation and drainage

  • New pour in place rubber safety surfacing

Safe and Sound Playgrounds

Playground Maintenance – Remove and Repairs

Let us help you keep your playground or recreational space in great shape! We offer cost-effective solutions for public and private entities to keep aging or damaged equipment and surfacing safe and like new!
We will:

  • Send a certified CPSI Playground Safety Inspector to audit your playground, both indoor and outdoor, to provide you with cost effective repair and safety solutions

  • Work with our industry partners to help you select and order replacement equipment and/or surfacing

  • Remove old and install new equipment and/or surfacing to the highest industry, manufacturer and ASTM standards

  • Refurbish old or damaged equipment and surfacing

What playgrounds are required to be inspected?

  • Playgrounds open to the public are required to be inspected. This includes; churches, private schools, HOAs, hotels, motels, resorts, camps, offices, hospitals, shopping centers, day care settings, and restaurants.

  • Playgrounds in child care centers and‚Ä®facilities operated for the developmentally disabled are required to comply.

As Certified Playground Safety Inspectors (CPSI)
we can provide the following services:

  • Monthly or quarterly inspections and written report

  • Tightening of any loose hardware

  • Surfacing levels inspected

  • All systems inspected for damaged components

  • All movable hardware inspected for wear

What are the benefits of sand cleaning?

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